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Learning Center

The Business Side of Fine Art

Gain insights about the business behind the world of fine and contemporary art. From theory to practical marketing advice, we're gathering tons of resources to help you move forward faster.

The Art Market Explained - What You Need to Know About Auctions - Part One
By TBSoPA • Thursday, March 01, 2018

How did the art auctions business become a multi-billion-dollar industry? This first film in a series about the art market explores this question, leading viewers through the complex history of auctions, with specific attention to the last 20 years.

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Art Fairs
By UBS • Thursday, March 01, 2018

In 2015, art fairs generated an estimated $12.7 billion in profits for exhibiting galleries. But why do collectors attend fairs in droves? And what’s behind their rapid international proliferation?

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Patrons
By UBS • Thursday, March 01, 2018

What motivates patrons to fund artists’ wildest dreams? How has the concept art patronage changed over time? And what’s behind the dramatic rise of private art museums? In the third installment of 'The Art Market (in Four Parts),' we explore how and why patrons support artists and their careers, from the Medici family’s backing of Michelangelo’s work during the Renaissance to today’s most influential collectors, museum donors, and behind-the-scenes benefactors.

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Galleries
By UBS • Thursday, March 01, 2018

What does an art gallery do for an artist? What fuels the global expansion of galleries like Gagosian and White Cube? And how has the internet affected the way galleries do business? In the second installment of “The Art Market Series (in Four Parts),” we look at the complex ecosystem of commercial galleries to probe these questions—and get to the root of how galleries effectively steward artists’ careers, promote their work, and protect their markets.

Brooke Shaden Interview Part 1: How to Succeed in Fine Art Photography
By TBSoPA • Thursday, March 01, 2018

The highly successful and creative fine art photographer Brooke Shaden sat down with us to talk about all things photography. In part 1, she discussed how she started out and what it takes to succeed as a fine art photographer, as well as how she got her work exhibited in fine art galleries.

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Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists

Our mission is to develop fine art photography in the Tampa Bay area through collaboration, education, and exhibition. Working together with talented photographers around Tampa Bay, we can create a permanent footprint and mark this moment in history with our creativity, skill, and unique perspectives.

TBSoPA is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida. Our artist build relationships together through their mutual interest to collaborate in unity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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